Lynda Leroux


Hello, my name is Lynda Leroux and I am the Supervisor of our Springdale Location. I joined the Alpha Family in June of 1997 as the Second ECE teacher in the Infant Room. Then I became the Lead teacher of the Junior Toddler, Junior Kindergarten, Junior Preschool, and Junior/Senior Kindergarten.

I became the Assistant Supervisor of the Springdale Location in 2004 while I was still the lead teacher in the Toddler and then while I was in the Infant Room. In July of 2008, I became the Supervisor of the Cathedral Rd. location and it was a great experience. I have transferred back to the Springdale location June 29th, 2015, as the Supervisor.

I enjoy meeting and speaking with all the children, staff and parents. I am proud to say that I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator, as I graduated from Sheridan College in 1997.

I love working with children and getting involved in their play. However, in my spare time I love going to my cottage, swimming, boating, dancing, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.

Please feel free to speak with me at any time if you would like to chat or if you have any questions, or concerns about your child, as my door is always open.

Lynda Leroux

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