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Alpha Child Care Nutrition and Meals

Your children's welfare is our concern and it starts with the nutrition and meals that Alpha Child Care prepares.  All our meals are cooked on premise by our creative cooks who have completed the Food Handling Course through the Region of Peel Health Department.  This...

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#HealthyHabits for a Better Tomorrow

#HealthyHabits for a Better Tomorrow: Teach Our Children Well As a parents, and caregivers, we have an immense impact on our children. They will learn a lot from our actions, so it’s up to us to show our children the good habits and behavior you have for them to...

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Camp Alpha Returns for 2017!

Camp Alpha is back for 2017 and we are excited to tell you all about it! You can download all the information here:  Camp Alpha Introduction 2017  Camp Calendars 2017  Weekly Camp Themes and Activities 2017  Alpha Child Care Camp Enrollment Below you will find our...

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