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by Aug 22, 2017Nutrition and Diet

Your children’s welfare is our concern and it starts with the nutrition and meals that Alpha Child Care prepares.  All our meals are cooked on premise by our creative cooks who have completed the Food Handling Course through the Region of Peel Health Department.  This means that we don’t outsource our food to third parties who often outsource them to still other providers. We believe, when it comes to critical things like food allergies, you’re as weak as your weakest link.

Nut_free_schoolFood allergies are a major concern in today’s diet which is why we are a Nut Free centre. It keeps a huge danger away, as children will often try and share foods and snacks.  We make this very clear to our parents.  We also take a great amount of concern to make sure we understand all our children’s requirements before they come to Alpha Child Care for their first time. This includes special diet concerns that may be cultural or religious in nature, or even preferential like a vegetarian diet.

Alpha Child Care follows the Canada Food guide to make sure your kids get a balanced meal from all the food groups.   But we also try and balance good nutrition with good taste and meals that our kids like. Something we’ve been doing since we opened our doors in 1981, so we’ve grown to understand just what they like.

For more information or if you have a specific question about Alpha Child Cares food program or anything else give us a call.  We have two locations to serve you so if you live close to Bramalea & Bovaird in Brampton or you work at William Osler Health Centre, we’re right across the street from their back door at 900 Peter Robertson Blvd 905-458-4884  or if you live closer to Steeles and Hurontario we’re just a few blocks away from both Shoppers World or Brampton’s Sheridan College Davis Campus on 3 Cathedral Road. 905-1811


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