Fall is actually the perfect time of the year for a family walk or hike (depending upon how ambitionous you are). If it’s a walk, Brampton has 3 large north to south trails and many community / neighbourhood smaller trails. If it’s a hike, Heart Lake Conservation area is close by and many other conservation areas and provincial parks many of them will have a park / wildlife guide as well. (There’s a suggestion link below).

How to make the most of it.

For kids Anticipation is everything.

For a toddler get them use to hearing a “bird sound” on YouTube before you go and say “bird” and then match it on your walk. Was you kids get older you can target somethings to see and see who will be first to find one. Find a bird. Get even better if you can say it is a Canadian Geese and three aren’t too many days you won’t see one of those. Or a halk of sparrow. For animals, squirrels are a safe bet but don’t count out a racoon or even a deer. Fall has may plant based things to find like pussy willows or moss that you will only see during these months.

Bottome line. The excitement will come when they learn at home but then experience in the outdoors. It will remind you that life’s simple pleasures are really the best and in the long run will provide your family with the lasting keep sake memories that are a life’s treasure.


Ten great family safe walking trails in Ontario with a lot to offer.

10 family-friendly hiking trails in Ontario

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