#HealthyHabits for a Better Tomorrow

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#HealthyHabits for a Better Tomorrow:
Teach Our Children Well

As a parents, and caregivers, we have an immense impact on our children. They will learn a lot from our actions, so it’s up to us to show our children the good habits and behavior you have for them to adapt.


Healthy Habits for Healthy Children:

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is an important part of the day. Studies have shown that people perform better when they have breakfast. When children have a healthy breakfast their bodies will be prepared to learn and play!


Don’t Be a Couch Potato

Monkey see, monkey do. Our children will adapt our habits. If we’re active, they’ll be active. We can encourage activities that get our children moving, creating, and problem-solving. Exercise the body and the brain!

Make Eating Fun: Choose Colorful Foods

Oranges, grapes, celery, carrots, tomatoes…there are so many colorful foods to choose! Make the meal colorful and easy to eat. This will encourage a diverse and healthy diet.

Pick Enjoyable Activities

Engage yourself and your child with physical activities you could enjoy playing too. If you’re both having fun, then easier to do! Look for free or affordable ways to try new activities before you commit. Find friends that like to do the same things and have even more fun!

Read Every Day

Bedtime is a great time to pick up a book and share in a story. Reading with our children promotes vocabulary building, and the development of their own reading skills. It’s a good time to bond and unwind from the day. Reading is relaxing, and relaxation is an essential part of health and happiness.

We hope these ideas help 🙂
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