Help Your Child To Be Sociable

by Jan 30, 2017

Some children have difficulties in finding friends. They are aloof with other people, or maybe they lack self-confidence. Here are some tips on how to help your child to be sociable and friendly.

1. Encourage Them to be Helpful; let them help sort the washing, or clear the table. Children who see themselves within a culture that cares about other people are more likely to have better social skills.

2. Build Their Self-Esteem. Tell them about their good qualities, encourage them, praise their efforts.

3. Group Play. Aim to enlarge the child’s group, and the experience repeats itself. As a parent/guardian, structure initial group contacts. Stand alert to help mediate, or terminate,  them if the play session begins to deteriorate. Encourage talking things through, and promote conflict resolution – ending the play time is a last resort.

4. Follow Their Interests. Include yourself and their friends in your child’s hobbies. They may have a lifelong interest, like art in museums. So go with them, and invite a friend. Or play with them in ways that they like to play. Taking an interest will encourage them do the same with others..

5. Invite Friends to Your Home. Encourage friendships by inviting others to your home.