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7 Reasons why Toddlers may bite:
1. One of the main reasons toddlers bite is because they are feeling afraid or frustrated due to their lack of language.
2. When stress has risen in their lives, they may not express the fears or frustrations through natural outlets like crying and tantrums. To them, the situation doesn’t feel favorable for expressing lots of feelings. But the feelings rumble nevertheless, and when they become intolerable, biting can occur.
3. The birth of a sibling 4. The absence of a parent 5. Witnessing violence on TV 6. A change in caregivers 7. Moving from one house/ apartment to

3 Ways to help prevent toddlers from biting:
1. Special time: The first step to helping a child who bites is to strengthen his/her ability to feel your attention and love. Special Time is an ideal tool for this step.
2. Set a length of time, anywhere from three to twenty minutes, Offer warmth, eye contact, and enthusiasm, and play the way the child wants to play.
3. Stay listening: The child wants and needs someone to lovingly listen while he/she releases his/her feelings through crying or tantrums.

We hope this information helps. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to come and speak to us!

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