Leisure Time: Life-long Learning

by Feb 15, 2017


Leisure time activities are just as important as education when it comes to children’s overall development. Play is one of the foundations of a child’s learning. It helps to develop their cognitive and motor skills. Engage your child with play and help them socialize, creating relationships with you and other people.

Here are some activities that your child would surely enjoy:

Sports activities are usually a large part of leisure time for children. Sports activities can develop your child’s physical skills and it could also teach your child how to work with a team. You can also play sports activities with your child as a way of your bonding time.

Arts and crafts engage your child to creativity it could help them develop their imaginative minds. Many parents help their children work on a specific art project, or they give art materials to their children, and let the kids get as creative as they wish.

Dance and music engage your child at an early age in dance and music class in order for them to do their best and excel, and it could also help your child develop their emotions because dance and music are also a way of expressing one’s emotions.

Unstructured playtime is essential for a child’s development and contributes to his cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being.  Kids have to come up with their own fun.