Unconditional Love – Essential For Self Esteem

by Aug 10, 2017Misc

At Alpha Child Care we look after children from all parts of Brampton from all nationalities and all sorts of abilities. We treat them all the same, yet incorporate their individual needs at the same time. A major focus for us is always to be building self-esteem through unconditional love because it is imperative to grow healthy children.

We accept our children unconditionally. Even of we know that this should be the case often human nature or our own child upbringing will bring out very subtle ways in showing disapproval with any misbehavior that translates to their feelings and not to their actions. Correction their actions must also be done with compassion and not demonstrate any overt frustration on the side of the caregiver.

Our pride in our children and tiny tots shows. We show our kids our love by telling them how proud you are of them and all of their unique accomplishments. We tell them we accept them each and every day; for who they are. By showing our kids that they are good enough just as they are we will boost their confidence and allow them to keep developing in a healthy manner.


A great way to show your kids unconditional love is to express your love for them even when they have behaved wrongly. Of course, teach them responsibility, ground them or take away their video games for a week, but show them that you love them regardless. This will prevent them from drastically thinking that you don’t love them if they do something wrong or make a mistake. You may show your disappointment, but they will know it doesn’t stop you from loving them.

As caregivers, it is very important to show unconditional love with forgiveness. Forgiveness for mistakes, and especially when you know the child knows better but is acting out and other bad behavior is important when it comes to helping our children believe that we will always love them even if we disapprove of what they did. Unconditional love can be shown through a variety of actions and expressions. Children need to know they are loved throughout all of their experiences growing up.

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