While Alpha Child Care is now 34 years old and has as it’s main location 900 Peter Robertson Blvd., our open house held September 10th 20016 was to celebrate our Peter Robertson location turning 20!

In Italy or Greece, one can actually see large rocks at the side of main roads that would lead to Rome and other places.  These rocks or boulders would be placed at one mile increments thus noting a “milestone”. It was also to mark the journey, which is exactly what happened on this day. 20 years of successful business is great but to know that some of the infants who originally came to Alpha Child Care have had children of their own who have returned is indeed a great accomplishment.

For 3 hours scores of visitors came by to share some of their old pictures plus meet some old friends and staff.


Decades of memories take lots of room to display and Alpha Child Care made use of their space and the beautiful building atrium and amphitheatre to display thousands of pictures of staff and students both former and present. Everyone go to reminisce with food and drink and listen to both children’s songs and folk favourites being sung by Brooke Topp.


Perhaps the most rewarding part of the trip down memory lane was the large numbers of staff who have gone to work for the Peel Board or on to other adventures coming back as they are still a part of the Alpha Child Care Family.

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