Program Evaluation:The Child Observation Record for Parents

Evaluation of toddlers and young children is not the same as in an elementary school where students get a letter or a grade but it is every bit as important and sometimes even more important.

While to the untrained eye a child at play is almost taken for granted as a simple thing where it’s taken for granted to the trained eye of a professionally train early childcare worker all the activities your child is performing is part of a much bigger picture all of which are measured.

Setting the Stage: The Importance of Program Measurement

The most important stage of life for learning and developing is from birth to six years of age.” – Dr. Fraser Mustard

The children at Alpha Child Care are exposed to a wide range of age appropriate curriculum which includes simpler things like coordination at a younger age and as they grow older math, science phonics, music and social skills among others. Each one of these 36 skills are broken down to seven simple but important to measure activities in your Child’s Observation Record.

The full core document is fully explained for you in this short video with Alpha Child Care Manager of Operations and Development; Mary Soundy.

If you have any questions about your children’s program or how they are doing please consul with your campus manager, Patricia Andrade for our Cathedral Location and Lynda Leroux our Peter Robertson site supervisor.

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