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At Alpha Child Care we strive to provide the best and highest level of child care services possible
and our greatest reward is when we have been recognized by our toughest critics and supporters
(our parents/clients) with a job well done as indicated in the testimonials below.

Dear Greg, Mary, Patricia and the Staff at Alpha,

It is with mixed emotions that we write to inform you that Madison and Tyler’s last day at Alpha will be Friday, August 17th, 2012. 

Madison and Tyler have been so happy at Alpha since their beginnings in the infant rooms at age 11 month and 10 months respectively. Madison has always come home telling us of each day’s activities with such excitement. And although Tyler may say each day he did nothing, we know otherwise by how much he has demonstrated he has learned over the years.

As for Tony and myself, we enjoyed the field trips, stopping by for visits, the Spring and Christmas Concerts, Family Day and Fathers Day BBQ celebrations, and the honest and valuable feedback you have provided for both Madison and Tyler. Most importantly, over the years, we have taken great comfort in knowing Madison and Tyler were in such good care when we were at work.

Thank you so much for having our family be part of your family at Alpha. We will sincerely miss everyone at Alpha.


Tony & Tanya Loucks

Happy Parents

To our Friends at Alpha Child Care,

We regret to inform you Malika’s last day at Alpha Child Care will be Friday August 17th, 2012.

Malika will be moving to the French immersion program at Eagle Plains Public School effective September.

We’d like to thank all of the staff who had such a lasting positive impact on Malika. We are very fortunate to have found you all as you have helped shape the Malika we know today. We said this from early on, we wanted our children to be loved, and we have found that with Alpha. And for that we thank you.

Malika will be visiting frequently as her sister is staying with you, and likely spending many of her PA days and time during the holidays at Alpha.


Ajai Mehta

Happy Parent

Hi Mary,

My name is Sylvia and my son Joey is a former Alpha kid! I was going through old files and came across some newspaper clippings that covered the time when Alpha was disputing some government funding changes. I went online and was pleasantly surprised to see Alpha still going strong! And that you, dear Mary, are still running the ship :). I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know that our Joey is doing well and has just started grade 10. Time flies. 🙂

We left Brampton 7 years ago and moved out to a small town near Port Perry and Peterborough and Joey has thrived in the rural setting (so has hubby Gary and it’s like pulling teeth to get him anywhere near the city). Joey is a great kid, is over 6ft tall and a huge sports guy. He plans to work in the sports industry and has most of his education all planned out. He’s had his fair share of issues (ADHD and a learning disability) but has had great support over the years. He has some recollection of his Alpha years and I really believe his time there was the most beneficial for our whole family – for me, great comfort and support (when I had no clue if I was doing a good job as a new Mom), for Gary who never wanted to be away from Joey but knew he was “ok” and of course, for Joey who learned and grew so well.

I hope you are doing well and still enjoying your work. I’m here to say thank you again and to let you know how much our time at Alpha meant. We won’t ever forget you and the Alpha family.

I’ve attached a couple of pix taken last year (he’s even taller now!) in case you’d like to see how “our” baby grew up :). He’s his father’s boy all the way. Luckily he takes after me and likes to talk a lot so I get to hear all his life’s happenings. We are a very lucky little family 🙂

I wish you well Mary. Please say hello to Catherine.

Sylvia Mason

Happy Parent

Veronica has truly enjoyed her time with Alpha and has made lots of friends. She has also displayed impressive progress as a result of your program and we are truly greatful for the care she has been given. The staff at Alpha has always been nurturing and professional; we appreciate all of their efforts.

Adriano & Grace

Happy Parents

We are so very appreciative of the excellent care and education that has been provided to Alec since he started at Alpha in the toddler room. Over this last year his connection with Christina, Erin and now Michael has been exceptional and Alec has made great cognitive, social and emotional gains in the last several months … We can not thank you enough for all of the care and support given to Alec – it will never be forgotten.

Janet Morton Haughey

Happy Parent

In the past, the staff (particularly Mary, Maureen, Marie and Anne) have always made the Cumming family feel special, not just odd, but special. As you know, we are extremely fond of the family atmosphere we encounter at the Centre and my girls wouldn’t be who they are now if not for the care they have received there. I am grateful for the after-school program, as is Megan, because I know she was quite upset at the aspect of attending ‘big school’ without her Maureen to go with her.

Numerous times, the staff has gone beyond what I consider to be their job, to show us how they care as much about the Cumming family as we do about the Alpha family.

Wendy Cumming

Happy Parent

I would like to thank you and your staff for providing excellent care for my son. He has truly enjoyed his experience with Alpha and has learned a great deal since he began. I would like to especially thank his teachers: Cathy, Patricia, Sarah P., Amanda, Janice and Angela, for being so loving and supportive with him particularly when he first began. Their kindness and dedication was truly made known in how much my son has enjoyed going to “school”, I hope that in the future, I will have my next child start with Alpha as soon as I can.

Thank you again for everything. Alpha has given my son Daniel an excellent start in his educational career, you should all be proud.

Lisa & Bryon Sargeant

Happy Parents

First of all, it was very difficult to leave Alpha after 5 years – it was a way of life for us and for Natalie. It was like a family. When we first joined Alpha, we had done extensive research on day care options in Brampton and felt yours was the most professional, the cleanest and provided nurturing care.

Our entire experience at Alpha has exceeded our expectations (and we have pretty high standards when it comes to our daughter!!). We have some great teachers over the years whom have showed passion for their roles as caregivers. The attentiveness shown, the organized age-appropriate activities, the security and safety demonstrated, the nutritious food and overall quality of care have been outstanding.

We have appreciated the many themed activities for special occasions and holidays, the concerts and that highly emotional (for the parents and teachers) graduation ceremony! We have many, many fond memories, pictures and videos and friends for years to come!
Our expectations are even higher as Alpha has raised the bar. We have yet to experience that level of dedication from other caregivers. Our experience at Alpha is the standard we now use to compare all others.

Natalie has gained tremendous confidence from Alpha and she is at the top of her grade one class – thanks to Maureen and Naomi. These two ladies have really put in an incredible effort to help Natalie with the many skills she has needed to move on to big school. In particular – her math, her reading skills and her ability to “use her words” when exposed to conflict with other kids have already shone through during her first month of grade one.

I would like to extend a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to Maureen, Naomi, Marie, Mary and the many teachers through the years for helping Natalie to reach her potential at Alpha and toward her future. You have all been instrumental in helping her to build a solid foundation.

Sandra Tacuri

Happy Parent

Ella has been attending Alpha Child Care since she was 15 months old. We found them after a horrible experience with another daycare provider and they truly saved us. Separation was a hard thing for Ella, it still is. Even after two and a half years, she has her days when she grasps onto my leg and cries “Mommy, Mommy…big hug”. But, the teacher s at Alpha know just how to handle it. Since the first day in the toddler class, the staff was always so comforting and patient with her. They gave her as many hugs as she needed and always encouraged her.

Today, as a preschooler going into the “Big JK” class, Ella is thriving and happy. She always has so much fun going outside,” two times mom” and doing activities with her friends and teachers. She is learning to write and identify all her numbers and is truly a head of the pack. She has found her first friends here and has learned to be with a lot of different adults. She is comfortable with all the teachers and staff and even helps them now with the little ones. Looking back, I know we couldn’t t have done it without all the great support, knowledge and reassurance that Alpha staff have given us. Looking forward, I know Ella will continue to be a happy, well adjusted child and thrive in the JK class this fall.

We love you guys!!!!

Judy & Paul

Happy Parents

To whom it may concern:

When we were asked to write a reference letter for Alpha Daycare we were honored. Our daughter has been attending Alpha since 2008. We had researched many different daycare centers and Alpha was the only one that offered the kind of individual attention and caring that we were looking for. The staff there genuinely cares for each individual child, and they really take the time to get to know your child.

Alpha provides a fun and educational learning environment. They offer a variety of experiences that your child will enjoy such beach day, Olympics week, baking and other themed events. Parents are even offers a chance to get out by providing date nights where the staff volunteers to watch the kids after hours. I am confident that Alpha they provide healthy snacks and lunch in a very clean, fun environment.

Recently I became quite ill and I was amazed at how the staff stepped right in to help and ensure that my daughter had some stability while I was away. We normally have our daughter at school 2 days a week and when we need to extend that at a moment’s notice they were right there for us. Marie even called me to offer to do something special for my daughter’s birthday because I could not. I have never met such caring people. Alpha really does become a part of your family. Our daughter loves Marie so much she often plays pretend and she is Marie. Knowing that our daughter was with Marie, Kulwinder, Linda and so many other caring people during this time brought peace of mind to my husband and me. I would like to thank them so very much for their kindness at such a hard time.

In closing if you are looking for a place where your child can learn and explore while building their confidence, where you know that if they are sad they will definitely get a loving hug, where your child feels safe, Alpha is the place to be.

With love and affection,

Judy & Paul

Happy Parents