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Play is a child’s work. Through play, a child learns. Our role is to set up an environment that will allow and encourage free creative expression, enrichment of language and cognitive skills, plus the development of large and small muscles.

At first, we must emphasize the importance of self-esteem and social skills. With these, children will have the confidence to explore and learn new and interesting things. As well, they will have the self-confidence to problem solve and work through any peer conflicts they may encounter. Through the Second Step Social Program, the staff instil in the children that their choices have consequences, whether positive or negative. The staff help the children make good choices in order to obtain the outcome they are seeking.

Alpha’s quality program encompasses several curriculum’s that are taught at an age appropriate level. All age categories participate in the Second Step Social Program and the Wings of Discovery Science Program. In addition, to this at the Preschool level, the children are introduced to a basic word French Program and the “Handwriting Without Tears” program which helps them to form good work habits. As the children progress to our Kindergarten program they are introduced to the Jolly Phonics program as well as the Nelson Math Program. These two program s encourage reading and math readiness skills in order that the children are prepared for Grade 1.

Each child’s progress is monitored throughout the year by our expert staff. Children’s evaluations and comprehensive checklists inform staff and parents of progress in all age groups and all area’s of the development.

Parents are kept up to date on Monthly/Weekly/Yearly goals through handouts. The Following is a summary of the programs offered in each of our playrooms. The playrooms are divided by age and, as you will see, the broad the developmental goals we set for each room is specific to their age.


Infants learn and develop at an amazingly fast pace, therefore, our individualized program will expose them to concepts and ideas at their capacity of learning. At this stage in their development infants must first acquire a sense of basic trust in which they feel safe and secure, valued, admired and powerful in order to take the initiative to develop cognitively, physically and socially. When this is established the windows of opportunity are endless and the development of specific skills will come from within the infant.

Therefore, the most important aspects in our infant environment are the stable, long-term, loving responsive caregivers who provide one on one nurturing and learning. These professionals create a secure and safe environment in which many opportunities are provided, in which the infants are able to practice skills repetitively at their own pace in order to solidify concepts.

Our care givers will expose the infants each day to a variety of creative sensory activities including music, songs and finger plays, books, puppets, fine and gross motor activities, outdoor excursions as well as group and individual times.

Our program is directed towards creating a warm loving family atmosphere in which self-esteem and social skills are emphasized.


Toddlers need to feel a sense of autonomy which is the sense of being a separate independent self; I am me, a self-separate from my mom and dad and my care givers. Toddlers also need to feel a sense of power in which they feel they have an impact on the world around them. They need to know that they can freely choose to say “Yes or No” and along with this power they then begin to control their bodies and their feelings. When they feel this personal sense of power they then feel competent in making things happen, they feel like they are making a difference and that they can do and achieve things at their will. This helps the toddlers to step out into the world as active learners and problem solvers, prepared to cope with what ever challenges they may meet in society.

Our Toddler Program is directed towards creating a warm loving family atmosphere in which the children are given many choices, the freedom to move, the chance to try new things and the power to obtain a response to their emotional and physical needs. Our long-term, loving care givers look for and respond to each child’s signals and interactions while providing them with many opportunities to do things successfully.

Each day the toddlers will be exposed to a variety of creative sensory activities including music, songs, finger plays, books, puppets, fine and gross motor activities, outdoor excursions and group and individual times. Each child is prized for being a unique individual worthy of love and personalized care.


PreschoolersPreschool children are in the process of developing a positive view of their own actions and desires and wishes. They need to develop a sense of initiative, a sense of self as a doer that is competent, full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm that is needed to explore the world as a whole. They are moving from the egocentric world of self to a world that includes others, in which they must form a sense of identity within the social context as well as develop self-control and socially acceptable behaviors. Our Preschool Program is a friendly, warm, loving family environment in which the individual child can develop a positive sense of self.

The development of self-esteem and good social skills are encouraged through sharing, turn taking and developing empathetic feelings towards others. All aspects of the children’s learning are incorporated into our weekly themes which introduce the children to new and exciting ideas and concepts. On a daily basis, the professional long term child care providers expose the children in the same age group, to a variety of theme-related activities that encompass art and music, language, educational concepts of math and science, motor skills, and personal and general knowledge. Mastery of these skills takes place at the child’s own pace thus, making them feel competent while obtaining a unique place within society.


KindergartenChildren of a Kindergarten age are at a vulnerable stage in their lives in which they can and are eager to absorb as much knowledge about the world around them as they possible can. Their curiosity is at its peak and needs to be stimulated and satisfied. Our goal is to develop the whole child and not one specific area. Our ratios are low, giving the educators more time to spend with each individual child. This means that with the educator’s guidance, children learn conflict resolution and can progress in any area of development as far and as fast as they choose. Our program has no limit on how advanced a child can become in a certain skill. If a child loves to read, he or she may leave us reading at a grade three or four level.

Our unique Kindergarten Curriculum not only includes but exceeds the goals, objectives and guidelines of any other curriculum (including the school board). Our program has specific goals set for each of the children’s developmental areas of social, emotional, educational concepts of science, math, language and technology as well as motor skills. As the development of self-esteem and good social skills remains to be our number one priority our warm, loving, long term educators reinforce these skills in the children through the exposure to a variety of self-directed activities, interactive learning areas, educator initiated theme circles, outdoor discoveries, specific academic concepts and personal experience sharing all of which assist the children in reaching these important milestones. Mastery of these skills is not necessarily accomplished at a specific time over the year but on a more sporadic scale.

Educational Preschool

Educational PreschoolOur Educational Preschool Program is designed to help prepare the children for their future experience within the Elementary School System. These preparation skills are initiated within a family setting environment which includes ages 2.5 years to 5 years of age. Throughout the two and half hour program, the children engage with each other within the many developmental centres that are made available to them.

The primary focus is the development of self esteem and social skills all of which create the solid foundation that is needed to enhance language, educational concepts of math and science, motor skills, and to develop a love for creativity such as music and art.

Mastery of these skills takes place at the child’s own pace and developmental level, thus, making the child feel competent while obtaining a unique place within society.

School Age Programs

The expanding world of the School Age child includes increasing skills in interpersonal relationships. Peers become the driving force in shaping behavior and adding new information to their self-concepts. They are moving from a less egocentric perspective to a perspective that includes the viewpoints of others.

Learning group skills, developing a sense of moral judgement, discovering how to resolve conflicts without adult intervention, and maintaining friendships are important tasks for this age group.

Before & After School Programs

Our Before and After School program are an extension of home and school which balances quiet and active play, individual and group experiences, self-initiated and adult directed activities. School age children learn to inquire, explore and discover, to create, to reflect, and to reason all of which contribute to the well-balanced development of self. We offer many co-operative learning ventures to build a sense of shared achievement, which, in turn, promote acceptance and the appreciation of diversity.

The school age program establishes a friendly, family atmosphere of respect of self and others, respect of one’s own work and the work of others and respect for materials and the environment. Our many learning centers of active play include art, block play, cooking, dramatic play, games, literature, music, movement, manipulative, puzzles, sand, water play, and science. Through these activities the school age program promotes exploration, creativity and discovery.

Professional Development Days

If you require child care for your school age children during P.D. days please contact our Supervisor in advance to confirm availability, fees and to reserve space. We often plan exciting outings for the children during PD Days.

March Break

Summer CampAlpha offers a March Break program for children 6 to 12 years of age. The week is filled with fun activities and exciting events for the children during their school break. To ensure a space in our program please contact our Supervisor in advance to reserve a spot for your child.

March Break Info:

Ages: 6 to 12 years of age
March Break: See our Blog

Snow Days

If buses are cancelled due to snow or ice and you need to get to work but have no one to take care of your children, don’t panic! Chances are Alpha Day Care can help. Please call ahead and confirm available space and fee with our Supervisor.

If you’re not sure if buses are cancelled or if there are school closures please click below to get the most up to date information regarding cancellations for your school.

Summer Camp

Camp Alpha is designed in order for the school age children to have a fun time while forming friendships and memories of wherever they go and whatever they do. Each week there is an interactive theme in which the children obtain valuable knowledge about through engaging in co-operative games, indulging in the dramatics or dabbling in the arts. The children go on many off premises excursions such as the Science Centre, The Teaching Gardens or the McMichael’s Art Gallery. All of these excursions help to increase their awareness of the chosen topic of the week.

In addition to this, the children engage in many on premises adventures such as Quidditch, Fear Factor, Science Experiments or Producing and Writing a Play, all of which help them to learn to work in a group setting, understand the concept of fair play and to support and help one another be successful. Along with this, there are many guest speakers that are brought into the program such as the African Drums, Mad Science or The Creepy Crawler Express all of which add flair and excitement to the program. The children are also given many opportunities to keep these memories fresh and alive by writing about their adventures in their journals or drawing about them in their sketch pads, in order that in the years to come they are able to reflect back and recall all the exciting times they had and the many friendships that they formed throughout the program.

Camp Info:
Ages: 6 to 12 years of age
Lunches: Lunches are required daily!